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SmartBell Gym Safety Tips

Who shouldn’t use the SmartBell Gym?

Using this product under certain conditions poses a much greater risk to your physical safety. Do not use the SmartBell Gym without the approval of your doctor if you are: pregnant, diabetic, have a pacemaker, recovering from surgery, or suffer from migraines, neuropathy disorders, disc protrusion, or spinal inflammation.

Keep this product out of reach of infants, toddlers, and children. If you have any other medical condition and are unsure about whether it’s safe to use the exercise kit for workouts, reach out to your doctor and ask them if it’s safe to proceed, just to be safe.

Using the product without a doctor’s approval may result in serious injury or other unwanted complications.

No matter the surface, the sturdy slip-resistant bottoms of the Total Body’s push-up handles will keep you stable and upright as you exercise.

What safety information should I keep in mind before, during, and after working out?

Before working out, remember to stretch and hydrate properly. Only use a weight that you know you can use safely and properly to avoid injury.

Make sure that the surrounding area is clear of any objects so that you don’t fall or accidentally hit them. Most beginners start with a light weight for their exercises until they improve their form and increase their strength.

Try to do 2-3 exercises for each muscle group and see which ones feel the best. Once this is done, slowly branch out to newer, more difficult movements. See our section on sample workouts if you’re not sure where to start.

Safety is always the paramount concern for anyone, no matter your experience level. If at any point during your training you feel weak or nauseous, stop immediately. Consult with your doctor to modify your workout routine. Once you’re done with your workout, stretch, hydrate, and rest your muscles so that they can grow.

Go slowly and carefully at first, with patience and proper exercise technique. This is the best way to begin working out with the SmartBell Gym to ensure safe and satisfying results.

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How do I know when to stop exercising or modify my workout routine?

If you feel weak or nauseous in any way while you exercise, stop immediately. Consult your doctor to modify your workout routine. You may be dehydrated, so remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout. Stop if, during an exercise, you feel sudden discomfort or a sharp pain in the area that you are targeting. Rest the afflicted body part and see if the pain goes away within a day or two. Again, your safety is always the most important factor to be aware of during training.

If the pain persists, consult your doctor for the next best steps to take. If you can exercise again, use a lighter weight if possible, or try a different exercise for that muscle group. Alternatively, watch a certified professional do the exercise so you can copy their technique. It’s also helpful to record yourself performing the exercise and have a personal trainer give you tips. In addition, if any piece of the SmartBell Gym’s equipment breaks while you are working out, you should stop and call or email us at 1-855-GO-TZUMI or [email protected] for assistance from an experienced customer support representative.

What happens if the equipment doesn’t work properly?

First, make sure that you followed all the User Guide’s setup and safety instructions properly. Check that you have connected your chosen pieces together correctly and tightly. Exercising with equipment that isn’t set up properly is a sure-fire way to compromise your safety.

If you haven’t properly connected two pieces or are trying to connect pieces that don’t work with each other, start again from the beginning to ensure you’re following the steps accurately. If the above suggestions do not work, or if a component of your SmartBell Gym is broken or missing, then please feel free to call or email us at 1-855-GO-TZUMI or [email protected]. An experienced customer support representative will be more than happy to assist you with your issue.