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Important Safety Questions Before Starting Electrode Therapy

Important Safety Questions Before Starting Electrode Therapy

Who shouldn’t use the FitRx Electrode Wireless Massager?

Do not use the electrode massager without the approval of your doctor if you are: pregnant, diabetic, have a pacemaker, recovering from surgery, or suffer from migraines, neuropathy disorders, disc protrusion, or spinal inflammation.

Keep the Electrode Wireless Massager out of reach of infants, toddlers, and children. If you have any other medical condition and are unsure about whether it’s safe to use the massager, reach out to your doctor and ask them if it’s safe to proceed, just to be safe.

Using the massager without a doctor’s approval may result in serious injury or other unwanted complications.

Are there safety precautions I should take before using the massager?

Before using the Electrode Wireless Massager, make sure that your skin is free of dirt, oils, or lotions before placing the adhesive pads.

Do not overlap the pads on your skin, and never fold or bend them prior to starting a massage. Make sure that your skin is fully dry, and do not submerge the Electrode Wireless Massager or allow it to make excessive contact with water to avoid an electric shock.

In addition, you shouldn’t be driving or operating any sort of machinery, nor exercising or moving around excessively during the massage. You should be in a relaxed state, ideally only staying in one place for the entire massage.

Are there any areas on my body that I can’t place the massager?

You should never place the massager on any sensitive areas that may result in serious discomfort or injury from electric stimulation.

Do not place the pads on the front of your neck, as this could cause severe muscle spasms, closure of airways, difficulty breathing, and/or adverse effects on heart or blood pressure.

In addition, do not use the pads across your chest or near your heart, since this could cause major rhythmic disturbances that may lead to serious injuries.

Any part of your face, mouth, or genitals is also strongly advised against being massaged, along with damaged skin of any kind, including open wounds, rashes, swollen, red, infected, or inflamed areas, cancerous lesions, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, and varicose veins.

The FitRx Electrode Wireless Massager is specifically designed to soothe chronic muscle and joint pain, utilizing TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology and microcurrent therapy.      

What if I feel pain during my massage?

If you feel pain during your massage, stop immediately. Make sure that the Electrode Wireless Massager is on its lowest possible settings.

If it isn’t, then you may start the massage again at the lowest possible intensity and see if the pain stops. If the massager was already on its lowest settings and you felt pain of any kind, then do not continue using it, and consult your doctor immediately for further instructions. Make sure you aren’t using the electrode massage pads on sensitive areas such as your face, mouth, genitals, heart, or neck, as well as any damaged skin.

Do not use the Electrode Wireless Massager for more than 20 minutes, two times per day, on any area of the body.

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