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Important Safety Questions Before Starting Leg Compression Therapy

Who shouldn’t use the FitRx RecoverMax?

To ensure your safety, do not use the massager without the approval of your doctor if you are: pregnant, diabetic, have a pacemaker, recovering from surgery, suffering from migraines, neuropathy disorders, disc protrusion or spinal inflammation.

In addition, make sure to keep the RecoverMax out of the reach of infants, toddlers, and children. Those with any other medical condition are advised to reach out to their doctor and ask them if it’s safe to proceed, just to be safe. Using the massager without a doctor’s approval puts you at risk for serious injury or other unwanted complications.

Are there safety precautions I should take before using the massager?

Before using the massager, make sure that your skin is free of dirt, oils, or lotions before placing the adhesive pads. Do not overlap the pads on your skin or set them up in a way they’re not supposed to.

Fully dry your legs if they are wet. Do not submerge the RecoverMax or allow it to make excessive contact with water to avoid electric shock. Plus, don’t drive or operate any sort of machinery during the massage, as well as exercise, or move around excessively.

Make sure you’re in a relaxed state, ideally only staying in one place for the entire massage. Most importantly, set the massager up properly every time before using it. This will help avoid injury to yourself and/or damage to the product.

With the RecoverMax’s leg wraps, LCD controller, and portable travel bag, you can get a therapeutic leg massage anywhere you go.
Thanks to the easy-to-use LCD controller, you can choose between three powerful massage modes and customize the heat therapy intensity.

How long can I safely use the massager for in one session?

It’s recommended that you use the massager in shorter intervals for safe and effective relief. We suggest using the leg compression massager on a low or medium intensity setting, for 20-30 minutes per session. For the best results and recovery, do not use the RecoverMax for more than an hour at a time. Only go for an extended massage session once you are fully comfortable with the air compression and intensity. Your safety and comfort are always the most important factors to keep in mind while massaging.

Heated Compression Leg and Foot Massager with Multiple Massage Modes, Intensity Levels, and Heat Settings

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What if I feel pain during my massage?

Stop the massage immediately if you feel pain of any kind. The RecoverMax is not intended to cause you pain. Make sure the straps are positioned properly on your legs. Ensure you have accurately followed all the steps listed in the User Guide. Also, turn the massage intensity or air compression mode to a lower level, or use less heat. It’s possible that any of these settings are too high and are causing you pain. If the settings are already at their lowest level, though, then stop using the product entirely. Consult with your doctor for advice before attempting to use the RecoverMax again. It’s critical to always heed your doctor’s safety advice to avoid injury, no matter who you are.

Remember not to use the massager if you are pregnant, diabetic, have a pacemaker, recovering from surgery, suffer from migraines, neuropathy disorders, disc protrusion or spinal inflammation.